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Yoga to love your body and calm your mind

With my approach to yoga, you will help your body to be the best it can be at any age. This comes from a position of self-care and love. Over time, you will develop a different, healthier relationship with your body and your mind. Yoga’s holistic, whole-person approach can be truly transformative here. 

Sometimes the hardest part of starting something new can be getting along to your first session. Rest assured you will always receive the warmest of welcomes at NurtureYou Yoga. My inclusive classes are focused, yet friendly and relaxed; we work hard but have a laugh along the way too!

Sometimes new students, especially beginners, like to book a few private one-to-one classes to help them get the feel of yoga, and become confident to join group classes.

Jocelyn Jones

- Dr. Jocelyn Jones -
NurtureYou Yoga, Winchester

One of the most rewarding side effects of yoga practice and meditation is the renewed zest of life you will experience

Erich Schiffmann Yoga: the spirit and practice of moving into stillness.

Special introductory offer

£120, two private 75 minute classes with your third class free!

I’m currently offering a special introductory three session private yoga course for complete beginners and anyone who would like to try one-to-one classes online or in my home studio. This is for you if would like to benefit from private yoga specifically designed around you.

Spring/Summer 2021

Everyone, at any age, can benefit from yoga

Perhaps you're new to yoga or returning after a break? Whether a beginner or improver, NurtureYou's accessible classes offer an ideal way to learn about yoga and improve your health and wellbeing.

Studies suggest that yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance. It is beneficial for aches and pains (including lower back pain), high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety and stress. Yoga may make performing daily tasks easier: flexibility improves, helping you extend beyond your usual range of movement. Many people start yoga later in life (over 70) and wish they’d started earlier after experiencing the many benefits. Yoga is a relatively safe form of exercise that can be enjoyed at any time, right through from childhood to your advanced years. It's advisable to select a class for your level and learn from a qualified yoga teacher.
(NHS Live Well Guide to Yoga)

Yoga in Winchester

Indoor Class at St. Swithun’s School, Mondays, 7-8pm.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch of our new 'Relax into Yoga' class at St Swithun's School has been postponed until January 2022.
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In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to join our Monday lunchtime, live-streamed ‘Relax into Yoga’ class. Class pass saver membership available, with weekly recordings for you to practice at home, or single ticket.
. . . Outdoors will be back Spring 2022!

Yoga Online

*NEW* Zoom live-streamed Monday 12-12.45 ‘Relax into Yoga’ class, a fusion of Hatha yoga and Yin Yoga. This is a gentle, paced class in the comfort of your own home:  a wonderful midday tonic for body and mind!  Single ticket or class pass saver membership available, with weekly recordings to practice at home Tues to Sun.

Hatha Yoga tends to be gentle with a series of warm ups leading up to static poses (Asana) which improve flexibility and bodily strength. A Hatha class offers a great body-mind introduction to yoga where you will learn how to stretch, unwind, and release tension. Students also work with the breath (Pranayama) as a preparation for relaxation and meditation.

Yin Yoga works at a deeper level in the body with longer-held passive stretches and poses, aided by different props such as yoga bricks and blankets. It targets the deep connective tissues: the fascia networks and ligaments, joints, and bones. Flexibility and joint mobility improves through fascia release. Yin yoga also reduces stress and anxiety. It is a wonderful restorative and balancing tonic for body and mind.

Private Yoga

Private Covid-19 secure yoga, including chair yoga, is available in my Winchester home studio, your home or live-streamed & recorded for you to practice between classes.

Thank you so much for getting me back up on my yoga feet! After lockdown and the worsening of my medical condition I had lost my yoga confidence. With bespoke online private lessons I was able to focus on what I could do, not what I couldn’t!! I’m really looking forward to returning to a group lesson now and trusting my body. Thank you for your expertise and listening ear.

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